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Upper Leaf River near Hattiesburg Mississippi

Falls and a beautiful cypress in the middle of the Leaf River.

Overview of the Upper Leaf River

If you’re in search of a serene and peaceful getaway in the great outdoors, look no further than the Upper Leaf River in Mississippi. Located in the secluded and remote regions of Jones County, this stretch of water winds its way through some of the most breathtaking landscape in the area. Conveniently situated between Hattiesburg and Laurel, the float begins at the bridge on Moselle-Seminary Road and travels a distance of 9.5 miles to the Eastabuchie landing on Monroe Road.

Experience the beauty of the Upper Leaf River

As you drift along the river, you’ll be treated to a variety of rapids, waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife. The fast-moving rapids make this part of the Leaf largely inaccessible to boats, resulting in a lack of commercial canoe traffic, giving you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings. While the rapids provide excitement, the slow stretches between them provide the perfect opportunity to do some fishing and take in the peaceful atmosphere.

Diverse array of fish and wildlife

The Upper Leaf River is home to a variety of fish, including bass, bream, catfish, and white perch. The river is also home to a diverse array of wildlife, including ducks, otters, beavers, and even alligators. As a real estate agent specializing in land sales, I have had the opportunity to explore this stretch of the river and have witnessed its unmatched beauty and tranquility firsthand. On our family farm, River Run Ranch, which adjoins this section of the Leaf, we have also discovered historical artifacts such as arrowheads, Civil War pottery, and waterfalls from streams that feed into the river. The Leaf River is a true natural wonder and an important ecosystem, supporting a wide range of plant and animal life.

Leaf River vs. Okatoma Creek

In addition to the unusual rapids and falls, the Leaf River is also home to clay boulders, which have been formed through the process of erosion. As the water flows through the river, it can erode the surrounding rock and soil, creating unique landforms such as these clay boulders. These boulders, along with the rapids and falls, add to the beauty and intrigue of the Leaf River.

The famous Okatoma Creek, located almost in a straight lined directly west of this section of the Leaf River, is also known for its beautiful waterfalls and rapids, which are made of the same clay material. While the Okatoma Creek is more commercialized and has daily canoe and kayak rentals, the Leaf River is more of a DIY adventure, with no commercial outfitters. However, both the Leaf and Okatoma creeks offer a unique outdoor experience and are worth exploring for their natural beauty and challenging rapids. The Okatoma Creek tends to be shallower and swifter than the Leaf River, and is a popular spot for swimming. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day on the water or an adventure in the great outdoors, the Leaf and Okatoma creeks have something to offer.

Upper Leaf River vs Lower Leaf River

Rivers and creeks are truly some of the most interesting geological features in south Mississippi.  There are some pretty distinct differences between the Upper and Lower sections of the Leaf south of Hattiesburg.  Obviously the Lower Leaf River is a larger body of water as the Leaf converges with the Bouie River in Hattiesburg greatly increasing the flow.  You’ll find that the lower sections of the Leaf River south of Hattiesburg tend to have more sandbars and less rapids.  The Upper Leaf River has some really beautiful sandbars but they tend to be smaller and more spread out.  In my opinion the Upper Leaf River is a more scenic and better suited for kayaking while the Lower Section is better suited to traveling via boat/motor.

Buying or selling riverfront property

Finding riverfront property can be a challenge, but the demand for waterfront property is always high. If you’re interested in buying or selling land along the Leaf River in the Hattiesburg/Pine Belt area, don’t hesitate to contact us. The serene and peaceful float trip of a lifetime awaits on Mississippi’s Upper Leaf River.

Interactive map of the float

Please Find the interactive map of the float below!